Breach of Agency


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DoubleStroke, February 25th, 2012, 4:15 am
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- I really like how your style has changed over all the chapters! The change went smoothly and naturally, it was not a rapid thing from one page to another, and that's really great! In my opinion your comic looks pretty professional, though you still should experiment more with dynamic poses and angles. It will surely give more live to your characters :)
By the way, this illustration is really nice; have you ever thought about using more grainy half-tones in your comic instead of (rather) pure gray and gradients? It seems like a nice touch, maybe think about it :)
I hope I don't sound like an old grumpy geezer and that my points make, at least, some sense, and you will find them helpful :)
Eagerly waiting for next pages! Keep up your great work!

nokuthula, February 25th, 2012, 11:00 pm
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- @DoubleStroke: Not at all! I really appreciate constructive criticism. In fact, I rely on it. :)
I do like the grainy textures a lot, actually. Toning has been one of the hardest things to learn, because I started as a painter, working with colour and shading, not just inks and black dots. When I tried to tone the way I paint, things were a mess (just look at some of the early pages of the comic, and that's when I'd already been practicing for some time). I feel like I'm slowly starting to figure it out, though.
Definitely need to work on more dynamic poses, like you say, though. :)

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