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Happy birthday Breach of Agency!

First of all, Breach of Agency has been featured in Smackjeeve's comic spotlight! Wow, that was a welcome surprise, and just in time for Breach's birthday! Welcome to the new readers, and thanks to everyone for all the support!

July 26th is the one-year anniversary of this comic being online. To celebrate I made a little sketch. Just a quick little thing to commemorate this most auspicious of days! I'm using it as a vote incentive, so if you want to see the birthday sketch, show your support, and help me out all in one go, feel free to click on the vote button here:

Also, I don't know if you know, but Breach of Agency has a facebook page here: I've been really terrible with posting updates, but if you want to, go ahead and join. Feel free to post comments/critiques/suggestions/love there or here, and maybe if I have enough people harassing me there I'll remember to leave some goodies there more often. :)

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